Guido Lassally


Every person is unique. This is because everyone has their own character. Some character traits can arise through experience, but you cannot mend your core characteristics because you are born with those. This is no different for Guido Lassally, who saw the light of day in Amsterdam on April 22, 1983. Get into his skin and learn how his character got him where he is today.

Guido Lassally's Character Traits

Creative & Stubborn

Walking the beaten track is not the way for Guido Lassally. From an early age he has been drawing his own plan, in which he will not be put off by anyone or anything. The first evidence of this is provided in 1989. The then 5-year-old is registered by his father at Pinoké, the hockey club where he himself played as a goalkeeper in his youth. Instead of focusing on the ball, Guido Lassally was mainly concerned with picking the flowers that grow among the grass. When the referee whistles for the end of the first half, Guido Lassally’s most important task begins; composing the bouquets for the women along the line with care and attention. For the women who are never pampered by their husbands, this is the time of the week. As much as Guido Lassally likes the attention on the side-lines of the field, hockey is not for him. That he likes to swim against the current is also reflected (literally and figuratively) during the swimming lessons for his diploma A. When the group swims to the left whilst doing a breaststroke, Guido Lassally moves to the right in a series of made-up movements. Not a child that was grabbed by the hook of the lifeguard as often as Guido, but he eventually manages to obtain the certificate.

From the age of 21 Guido Lassally uses his creativity and stubbornness for commercial purposes. He started Club Judge with a friend, the first official quality mark for discotheques. In exchange for free tickets, club visitors write an assessment report about discotheques that is placed on the website. Guido Lassally’s immediate environment doesn’t like it. They see no chance of success in the concept and are afraid that the nightly disco visits will affect his health and study. The first year is tough, but Guido Lassally quickly silences his critics. As he gets his academic paper, the number of visitors to the platform grows to hundreds of thousands per month. This makes it not only an interesting advertising target group for discotheques, but also for premium brands such as Heineken and Red Bull. They spend a lot of money for a banner on the website.

But their income is not limited to the online platform. Because Guido Lassally does not charge clubs for the assessment reports, they give him the green light to develop commercial activities in the clubs themselves. Such as setting up the Judge boot, a mobile photo studio where visitors can have their picture taken for a fee by a photographer from Guido Lassally’s network.

Adventurous & enthusiastic

We live in a time where it is a challenge for many people to stay balanced. This is due to the excess of stimuli to which we are exposed. According to Guido Lassally, to be positive in life, it is necessary to connect with your inner child. This is a concept used in psychology that assumes the presence of a child aspect in the human psyche, as an independently operating system. The inner child is made up of all our childlike feelings, instincts and intuitions, our magical and playful selves.

A good first step is to see the world through the eyes of a small child. Their enthusiasm and wonder at everything around them will be contagious. Then try to go back to your own childhood. Guido Lassally’s inner child is always on a journey of discovery. Playing different characters with his sister and nieces in the garden, with dog Chico as the big wolf. On a gnome hunt in the Amsterdam forest and swimming like a dolphin in the Miranda pool. He finds it all equally fun and interesting. Guido Lassally’s enthusiasm to discover new things continues unabated at a later age. Together with his partner (and later with their children) he travels halfway around the world. From Indonesia and the Seychelles to Peru and Sri Lanka.

Guido Lassally owes a great deal of the freedom he has to come and go wherever he wants, to the success of Tauros Media, which he launched in 2008 as one of the first full-service e-commerce companies in Europe. It offers all digital services under one roof. From the building of a website, online shop and blockchain application to online marketing and maintenance. The service package also includes omnichannel: a way of thinking in which the customer is offered a uniform buying experience on different channels. From the physical store to the online shop and the advertising material. Media partnerships such as with ABN AMRO have put Tauros Media on the map as an omnichannel specialist. Lassally’s company has now completed more than 600 omnichannel projects for Dutch retailers such as Blokker, Profuomo, BCC and Vingino, as well as in foreign companies. These include Just Eat, the Sandton hotel chain and almost all Formula 1 teams.

Guido Lassally's ikigai

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” The fact that Guido Lassally uses this slogan of Walt Disney for Tauros Media does not completely come out of the blue. From an early age he has been devoted to film classics such as Peter Pan, Dumbo and Cinderella. And he has also been to Disneyland Paris more than ten times. To keep the tradition alive, he reads his daughters a Disney fairy-tale for their bedtime. It invariably ends with the phrase “they live happily ever after”, which raises the question of how we can manage that in the real world. Lassally found part of that answer in “ikigai”.


There are a few places where people on average live exceptionally long lives compared to the rest of the world. These are known as so-called “Blue Zones”. The Japanese island of Okinawa belongs to such an area. One factor that has been found to play an important role in the health and vitality of the people of Okinawa is having a purpose in their lives: “ikigai”. Here “iki” stands for life and “kai” means value, purpose, result or utility. Ikigai is that part where someone’s passion, purpose, vocation and profession come together.

Guido Lassally finds his calling in the mix of technology and entrepreneurship. His ikigai is setting up and expanding innovative (fin) tech companies. Besides his young daughters – who wake him up early to play – he gets out of bed for his work every day. He divides his time between Tauros Media  and Autradety (2018), the first full-service security token company in the Netherlands. Security tokens are transferable rights via the blockchain. Companies that conduct a security token offering offer investors a share or the right to a share of the profits in the form of a security token. With Autradety, Guido Lassally makes the process reliable, affordable and simple for both investors and companies. To put this new form of financing on the map, he gives presentations at blockchain events that receive a lot of publicity. He also shares his knowledge through MediumLinkedIn and niche platforms such as Metabanenzoeker

Would you like to know how Guido Lassally can help you find your ikigai or do you have a business request? Send an e-mail to or call or message him on Whatsapp  at  +31 (0)6 16 838 463.